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The Secret of...  

the missing girl 

the secret of ...

The missing girl

The Secret of the missing girl is about Beau who has suddenly disappeared on Thursday morning, January 14. The police does not seem to get any further with her disappearance. Her mother, Silvia, is very worried and asks for your help. Search for clues, solve puzzles and riddles and who knows, you might unravel the mystery!


How does it work? 

You can start your escape room adventure for €32.50. This price is for the entire group.  Do you want to play the english version? send us a email with the amount of groups and the Date and after payment you will receive a email. Within this email you can find all the information to start the game. You will receive a unique code, which you can use all day long.

Duration: 1 to 3 hours.
The game can be played with a maximum of 5 people. Want to play with more people? You can book for two (or more) teams and compete against each other!

Start the game

The game can be played online and remotely, all players can open the escape room on their own laptop. So it is not required to be in the same room.
It is important that you work together as a group to find Beau. That is why we recommend communicating via communication platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Teams.


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Breda, The Netherlands


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Had a very nice evening playing this escape room. Our attention has stayed with us for the entire time and we were completely sucked into the story/game. There where many fun and surprising parts during this escape room. Recommended, we look forward to play the next escape room!

Ilse Huilmand
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A very versatile, surprising and challenging Escape room for an evening full of entertainment. As reasonably experienced physical Escape Roomers, we were especially skeptical, but our expectations have certainly been exceeded in this online version. An absolute must.

Robin Verelst
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Wide veriety, challenging, interactive, this online escape room has it all! For every player there is something they are good at to get started as a team and come to the solution together. I am not a big escape room fan myself, but I remained fascinated from start to finish with The Secret. An evening program (1 to 3 hours) is also a big plus and therefore well worth the money!

Raymond Ruijs
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I have done several online escape rooms but found these graphically well put together. A lot of laughter and good distribution during the game.

Diede Smit
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It is a very cool and complete escape room that you can play remotely with your friends. Super fun and surprising aspects are incorporated! Another fun, exciting group activity to do in this crazy time.

Juultje de Bekker
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I was amazed how well and professionally this escape room is put together! It had a lot of wow moments. Really reat to have a nice evening with friends in corona times!

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